Cardinals Offseason Review

Grading the Cardinals 2017 Offseason

The offseason is over, so let's look at what the Cardinals did Spring training is right around the corner, and that means Cardinals baseball is almost here! If you've been hibernating the

Carlos Martinez Projection

Going Contrarian: Carlos Martinez Projection is Not Far Off

Contrarian betting is a useful tactic that involves going against the public. In this case, adopting that mindset helps explain why Carlos Martinez's PECOTA projection is not that dumb. Carlos Martinez became

Baby Birds

Cardinals Minor League Outfielders

Nine Cardinals Minor League Outfielders to Watch in 2017

With the season rapidly approaching, the majority of the attention is with the Big League Cardinals. Especially with the excessive buzz of Spring Training and all of its unknown characteristics , it

Where Do the Cardinals Go From Here?

Following the Alex Reyes injury, the Cardinals are in a precarious situation. "Pitchers and catchers": the three best words in baseball. The phrase signifies a day of innocent hope, the first