Starting the new Perry’s Player Series, I take a look at the 100-91 Best Players in the MLB.

100- Noah Syndergaard – SP, New York Mets
Syndergaard had an impressive rookie campaign in 2015. The 23 year old right handed pitcher has the ability to throw his fastball in the triple digits. Last season he was able to help the New York Mets reach the World Series by winning 2 starts for his team during the postseason.

99- Justin Upton – OF, Detroit Tigers
This offseason Upton signed a deal with the Detroit Tigers. The former first overall pick had a down season in 2015 with the San Diego Padres dropping him down on our list. Upton is a true five tool player with the ability to hit for power, hit for average, steal bases, throw runners out and make big plays in the outfield.

98- Craig Kimbrel – CP, Boston Red Sox
This offseason Kimbrel was traded to the Boston Red Sox. The 27 year-old flame throwing closer has been dominant ever since he reached the MLB. He throws his fastball by hitters but also has a sharp slider to mix in if the hitters can catch up to his heater.

97- Edwin Encarnacion – 1B, Toronto Blue Jays
The 33 year old designated hitter is coming off another impressive season with 39 homeruns while holding a .277 batting average. Encarnacion has been putting up impressive power numbers over the past 4 seasons but with his injury history and another year on his body, he might not be able to put up the same numbers in 2016.

96- Chris Archer – SP, Tampa Bay Rays
The 27 year old homegrown talent was named the Tampa Bays opening day starter for the 2016 season. Archer has put up impressive numbers despite being on a sub .500 team. Archer is truly a Rembrandt with his ability to paint the corners. He also is equipped with one of the best changeups in the league which he uses to neutralize hitters.

95- Mookie Betts – OF, Boston Red Sox
The Boston Red Sox’s young outfielder has impressed many after his impressive 2015 rookie season. He has the ability to become a .300 hitter, 20 homeruns and 20 steals despite only being 5’9”. The 23 year old has taken control of the Boston outfield and will be roaming Center Field at Fenway for many years to come.

94- Andre Ethier – OF, Los Angeles Dodgers
Ethier has been the only staple in the Dodgers outfield in the past several years. He is coming off an impressive 2015 campaign while putting up a slash line up .294/.366/.486 with 14 dingers. Either has been a consistent player throughout his career so expect him to have another impressive campaign in 2016.

93- Jon Lester – SP, Chicago Cubs
The veteran lefthander was the first major piece in the Chicago Cubs rebuild. Lester has been an All Star pitcher throughout his career. The left-hander is truly a workhorse throwing 200+ innings in eight out of his last nine seasons. Lester has a knack for keeping his team in games and will be a crucial piece to the Chicago Cubs pitching staff in 2016.

92- Gerrit Cole – SP, Pittsburgh Pirates
Cole is coming off an impressive 2015 campaign with 19 wins while posting a 2.60 ERA. He was a former 1st overall pick and has improved drastically in his 3 years in the show. Expect him to continue to improve and be dominant on the mound in 2016.

91- Dustin Pedroia – 2B, Boston Red Sox
Pedroia has been a staple in the Boston Red Sox organization for 10 years. The 5’9” second basement is coming off an injury-plagued 2015 and is looking to bounce back in 2016.