The Cardinals Are a Fun Team Both on and off The Field- Especially on Twitter.

Social media is a tool that can be funny, inspiring, or disastrous. After I prematurely guaranteed a Red Sox ALDS win over the Astros on Facebook, I figured, people in the Cardinals organization must have done similarly funny or stupid things on Twitter. Here is a look at some of the best tweets from recent years from inside the St. Louis Cardinals club.

This is a classic college football sign. Making fun of the other team is something that happens often. Problem is, you probably should spell correctly when insulting an opponent. Jedd Gyorko, a West Virginia alum, was quick to point out the failed sign penned by a TCU fan. Matt Carpenter loves to tout his TCU sports, and he would get the last laugh when the Horned Frogs pulled out the win last week over the Mountaineers, 31-24.


Michael Wacha needs to make some better bets. Last year, he bet on his Texas A&M Aggies for the third time in the College World Series, and lost to Matt Carpenter again. The loser traditionally had to wear the gear of the opposing college. Although unhappy, Wacha fulfilled his obligation to the delight of Carpenter.

Game of Thrones fans will recognize this right away. Waino looks pretty awesome sitting on the massive chair, but I don’t think he’d want to take on either Baratheon without Yadi standing up for him like he does here:

Wainwright would be just fine in HBO’s Game of Thrones with Yadi at his side.

I don’t know who let Carlos Martinez go up to bat like this, but Grichuck wasn’t going to let him forget it. To be honest, as long as Martinez pitches well, I don’t care if he bats with one of the souvenir helmets that they give out with mini donuts.

Twitter can be a place to show support when someone dies. After the tragic accident that took the life of Oscar Taveras, everyone on the Cardinals lost a true friend. Yadier Molina shows the true pain that Taveras’ passing caused for the organization.


This one is really bad. Like I said, social media gaffes are common, but when a former member of the organization passes, you’d better not put a picture of the wrong person. This is clearly Chris Chambliss, not Don Baylor. The Cardinals did edit the tweet, but how could it be sent in the first place?

Saving the best for last, this tweet is one we all hope to see again soon.


Hopefully, 2018 is the year that the Cardinals win again on baseball’s biggest stage.

Photo Captured By: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports