The Cardinals, hopeful, look to prospect Marco Gonzales to help take the series in Colorado this afternoon.

Alright, last night was bad. Any time a team gives up 10 runs, momentum collapses. Perhaps the injury prone pitching staff can be faulted for the Cardinals’ lackluster performance. Whatever the case may be, the Cardinals are not a likely team to give up ten runs on a regular basis. As long as the team can get past last night’s struggle, it should not alter the Redbirds’ chances of victory tonight.

Yohan Flande in the 2009 World Futures Game in St. Louis.
Yohan Flande in the 2009 World Futures Game in St. Louis.

Tonight, two rookies face off in what should be an all out brawl between two proned lineups. Yohan Flande (28) will take the mound for the Rockies in his first MLB appearance as the twelvth starter the franchise has used this year. Like the Birds, the Rockies have been injury prone on the mound as well.

But the real barn-burner is going to be Gonzales. He offers the biggest variable for the Cards this afternoon. Gonzales is known for a hot fastball and a devastating change-up. Although he has never played a single inning at either the AAA or the MLB level, Gonzales has played a few games at Coor’s Field in high school. At least his mind is in the right place telling MLB’s website “I couldn’t have written it any better than this. It came a lot faster than I thought it was going to come, but I believe that I’m ready and the organization believes in me.”

With Shelby Miller temporarily out of the rotation due to back tension added to Wacha and Garcia who are out for shoulder injuries, the Cardinals are missing 3/5ths of their starting pitchers. Gonzales, “The Kid,” could make a serious impact on his career in tonight’s game. He is 22 years old with less than 100 innings of “professional” experience. Still, the Cardinal management backs him tonight, and so should we.

Game time is 2:10 (CST) at Coor’s Field.