As we head into the 2017 season, it is important to make sure you’re fully prepared for all this year has to offer.

I’m sure you’ve read the previews, seen the power rankings, and analyzed the offseason moves. But it is important to have the full picture – and that is to hear straight from the players themselves. With social media, professional athletes have never been more accesible. Thankfully, Major Leaguers have bought in.

MLB players are notorious for having great Twitter accounts, as evidenced here by the legendary Dan Haren:

There are some key qualities that make up a good Twitter account for MLB players. These include, but are not limited to:

  1. Humor – being able to crack a couple jokes every now and then
  2. Accessibility – does the player respond and interact with fans?
  3. Consistency – how often is this person online?
  4. Boldness- will you call out that reporter who tweeted a dig at you?

The Cardinals do not have many eccentric personalities. I’ll be real: this team does not have much to offer. Mike Matheny tweeted once last year, and that was an ad. Makes me ask the question, can he do anything really good? Matt Carpenter practically only tweets promotions, but if for some reason you’re a diehard fan of Academy, then you must really love Matt Carpenter. And come on Yadi. You¬†literally tweeted the same link for a solid month. Would it kill you to even be slightly more creative?

Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 12.06.52 PM

John Mozeliak must have realized this major deficiency in personalities when making his offseason moves this year.

Through signing Dexter Fowler, he added a genuinely exciting, friendly, and occasionally funny tweeter to the roster. And he also plays centerfield, I think.

As soon he signed, he started endearing himself to fans. With giveaways and requesting fan assistance for a new cover photo, Fowler showcased his advanced marketing abilities. He might not be a comedian, but you gotta respect the effort:

He joins the All-Star tweeters alongside Adam Wainwright, who is so dedicated to his charity events that he even begged Taylor Swift to make an appearance at his karaoke event:

Randall Grichuk isn’t too shabby himself. Comedy, raffles, he has the whole package. He’s not afraid to speak out:

At the same time, he will retweet most fans who tweet pictures with him, or show off their new Grichuk gear.

Best of all is Sam Tuivailala. The reliever has by far the best account on the team. He’ll roast his teammates:

Along with hosting Q/A’s, sharing his workout plans, and interacting often with fans, he takes home the gold. Throw him a follow.

And don’t worry Cardinals fans, there are reinforcements on the way.

Austin Gomber, occasional left handed ball thrower and avid Twitterer, is a must follow. With various giveaways and solid banter, he will add much depth to both the Twitter and actual rotations. Combine his abilities with Harrison Bader’s legendary account (@aybaybader), and Cardinals fans have a lot to look forward to. Check it:

You have to respect it.

While the Cardinals current Twitter offerings are nothing to die over right now, hopefully this upcoming wave of truer millennials will understand the ins and outs of hashtags and mentions.

For now, you can survive by just following us @Cardsblog.