This afternoon, the Cardinals try to pull off a win for the series as they face the Cubs at Wrigley.

Yesterday’s victory should provide some momentum for the Cardinals. The pick of Pierzynski should also lift their spirits as they, still, come out of the fog from the Tampa series.

Taking the mound is Waino who has been absolutely dominant as a pitcher this season. With the exception of the mistakes made last week, Adam has proven that he is one of the best pitchers in the game. He will be looking at his lucky 13th win tonight as he faces off against a pitcher who has pitched in a total of two major league games. The Cardinal offense has a huge advantage against the rookie, Kyle Hendricks.

Comparatively, the Cards are the far superior team. At almost every position, the Cardinals outmatch the Cubs. Now, with the wind at their back, and a very solid replacement catcher behind the plate, the Birds should walk away with a huge win tonight.

Gametime is at 1:20 (CST) in Chicago. Chicago-Cubs-9