Well… they can’t do much worse.

In a little under an hour, the Cardinals will wrap up their series with the Padres. Already, the Cardinals are out of contention to win the series and can only hope not to get swept. Shelby Miller is the likely starter even though there has been a lot of movement in the last two days for the Cardinals’ starting rotation.

With the Cards’ aquisition of Masterson and Lackey, they have solidified an already strong starting squad. The problem is that the team can’t score any runs. They alowed 12 runs last night and have scored no more than 1 run in their last three games each.

Miller has been struggling (7-8 4.20) but should, in theory, have an easy time with the Padres. Yes they stomped the Cardinals last night but Joe Kelly has already been dealt with. The trade deadline will have past by the time the game is over so Miller has nothing to worry about. Overall, Miller has the power to even out his record against the worst offense in baseball.

The question is: can the Cardinals do ANYTHING on offense at all? If they can, they may win. If not, then they have a full year to wonder why the team did not score enough runs to win the NL Central. Maybe they should have aquired a few players who could help with that problem.Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 3.03.57 PM