We want to start this by saying we are super excited to see CardsBlog form, and become a top notch website for our beloved St. Louis Cardinals. We want to just tell you quickly about ourselves. We are Saint Louis Sports, and we cover the Cardinals, the Rams and the Blues. Basically, if it’s professional sports in the city of St. Louis, we will cover it. We also have a Twitter account – @SaintLouisSport.


We wanted to come on here and give our thoughts on why being a Cardinals fan is one of the best gigs in the world. We all know that the Cardinals have been one of the most successful franchises in all of Major League Baseball. No matter what your age is; you have seen the Cardinals be successful. There are many organizations in Major League Baseball that cannot boast that. The Cardinals, despite temporary struggles seemingly do things the right way. Just a week or so ago, the United Cardinal Bloggers talked about “Cardinals Fans Problems”, we want to give a short list of reasons why being a Cardinals fan rocks:


  1. Continually seeing October Baseball – Is there anything better in professional sports than seeing your favorite team play in meaningful baseball games? The recent runs in 2006 and 2011 signify this as true.
  2. Always having a “face” of the organization – from Stan the Man, to Lou Brock. From Bob Gibson, to Chris Carpenter. Guys such as Yadier Molina on the current team do a great job of displaying the “Cardinal Way”. Some organizations never have a face for the team, and it continues for year after year. The Cardinals always have a guy.
  3. Watching Baseball in a beautiful stadium – Busch Stadium is a beautiful venue to watch Baseball. There is something special about heading to the stadium and watching the Cardinals play. The stadium is full of special features that bring out the best in everyone.
  4. Knowing you will always find another fan to talk baseball with – While the Cardinals have their share of frustrating fans; the Cardinals for the most part of great baseball fans. Cardinal Nation is well represented all over the country. You head out West and BOOM – Cardinals fans. Head down South and you will run into a flock of Cardinals fans. Go East – and more fans of the birds on the bat. It’s a great feeling to meet another Cardinal fan from a different part of the country.
  5. Continuing to see a commitment to winning – The Cardinals always present the best on the field, both in the form of players, and also via their coaching staff. As a Cardinal fan, we know that we have the ownership that is committed to putting the best possible product onto the field.


There are many more reasons why being a Cardinal fan is a great gig. We could go on for days, but these are five of our favorites. We hope you enjoy our work, and again, want to welcome CardsBlog to the world of Cardinals Nation on the world wide web. Please be sure you give CardsBlog and Saint Louis Sports a daily look for all things St. Louis Cardinals!