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A Powder Blue Renaissance

Sunday night, the St. Louis Cardinals were on the national stage as they took on the Milwaukee Brewers at Busch Stadium for ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball. While the main story of the night was, of course, the Cardinals’ nice 3-0 victory, the primary aspect I took away from the game were the Cardinals’ uniforms.

While the Brewers donned their standard road grays, the Cardinals decided to go retro by wearing the powder blue uniforms they wore on the road during the 1982 season, in commemoration of the 30-year anniversary of their World Series victory of that year–over the same team they played that night, the Brewers. And if you weren’t able to catch the game, let me tell you, those jerseys were FRESH. Who said baby blue was out of style? Okay, well maybe it is–since 1985, when the Cardinals stopped wearing them, to be exact–but as a one-time stunt, it made for a very cool throwback, and the redbirds were stylin’ all night long.

With two titles in the past seven years, the Cardinals have a current World Series-caliber squad of their own to be proud of, but on Sunday, it was probably hard for Cardinal fans not conjure up memories of the likes of Keith Hernandez, Bruce Sutter, and Ozzie Smith, beating “Harvey’s Wallbangers” on the pale fake grass at the old Busch. As far as the still snake-bitten and title-less Brewers are concerned, they probably won’t mind seeing the Cardinals go back to their regular colors.

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