After spending more than $200 million over the most recent off-season, the Miami Marlins have gone in full fire sale mode as they traded All-Star Hanley Ramirez and reliever Randy Choate to the Los Angeles Dodgers on Tuesday night in exchange for starter Nate Eovaldi and minor-league pitcher Scott McGough. The Dodgers will pay the remainder of Ramirez’s $38 million salary.

In addition, the Pittsburgh Pirates acquired pitcher Wandy Rodriguez from the Houston Astros on Tuesday, proving to the baseball world that they are in fact buyers in 2012 and are planning for a run at the pennant.

Lastly, the Philadelphia Phillies signed Cole Hamels to a six year extension deal worth $144 million.

Wow. This just speaks more to the fact that if the Cardinals are planning on playing postseason baseball this year, they have to act quickly. With six days to go before the trading deadline, it seems as if all of the teams that the Cards are chasing are making significant moves. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – they NEED another reliever. They cannot go down the stretch with this bullpen, which has a 4.27 ERA, and expect to make the playoffs.

More details to come.