It has been a year of transformation for Matt Adams. He’s lost tons of weight, improved his speed and athleticism, and is no longer confined to first base. However, it looks like he might have gotten a bit too ambitious.

Chris Coghlan turned heads earlier this week when he leaped into the air and flipped over catcher Yadier Molina to score for the Blue Jays. The acrobatic display inspired Cardinals outfielder, and resident athlete, Matt Adams.

Immediately following the game, it was reported that Adams was seen doing flips into the Whirlpool, yelling out that he, too, could have done what Coghlan did. “Nobody cares, Matt,” outfielder Randall Gritchuk told him; however, his discouragement did little to slow down the determined Adams.

Matt Carpenter, whose locker is next to Adams’, told reporters that Adams would not stop talking about the fact that what Coghlan did was, “not even that cool” and that “[Adams] literally did that, like, 3 times in high school”.

It appears that the lack of interest from teammates drove Adams to the breaking point. After the double-header on Thursday, Adams waited until his teammates had departed the stadium, then stacked up 2 large cardboard boxes in front of home-plate, and went for it.

Though Adams severely bruised his right shoulder, he was adamant that the dive was “super easy” and that “maybe his teammates were just jealous because they knew they weren’t athletic enough to do it”.

While it looks like Adams won’t miss much time due to the incident, he is sure that the pain is worth it. “I think it is pretty clear who the best athlete on this team is now, and that’s all that matters,” he told reporters Friday.

Keep doing you, Matt.

Cover Photo Credit: © Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports