According to Bernie Micklasz, the Cardinals 22-for-122 (.180) in July with runners in scoring position. The starting pitching has had a 3.16 ERA since June 9, yet are a mere 17-16 during that stretch. Lastly, the starting pitching has a 2.34 ERA in their last thirteen games, yet the Cards only achieved a 6-7 record.

This was bad, bad road trip. Their starting pitching kept them in every single game, and with the exception to Monday, they simply failed to come through with a big hit. Yes, Mike Matheny commented on the fact that Carlos Beltran was physically and mentally tired from the All-Star Break (ironic, isn’t it?). Yes, Lance Berkman recently returned from the disabled list and is still trying to find his timing. And yes, Matt Holliday was hit in a tough spot close to the knee cap in the first inning on Tuesday night and was unable to be used for the better part of the last two games.

But the other reality is that this team is still as good as any in the division, and to be swept by the Reds and to lose two out of three to the Brewers is just inexcusable. Tonight, they’ll fly back to St. Louis, maybe get a mental break from everything going on, and have to be ready on Friday to come out and play. With the Cubs coming into town, the Cards could really use a sweep if they’re planning on staying in this race come August and September.