After two consecutive 100-loss seasons from the Houston Astros, General Manager Jeff Luhnow, who spent 8 years with the Cardinals as an important scouting director, is in the midst of rebuilding a complete mess of a team as they move to the American League.

Brian Smith outlines in this article how Luhnow was one of the most important guys behind the Cardinals success the last couple of years, as 8 of 9 players in the Cardinals lineup last week were homegrown, with Matt Holliday being the exception. Also working with Luhnow is Mike Elias, who also spent five seasons with the Cardinals.

“(Luhnow) never drafted at the top of the draft in St. Louis, and he wasn’t in the position to be the most aggressive spender … and in his early drafts, he drafted more players than anybody who eventually became major leaguers,” Astros president George Postolos said. “The difference between what we yielded in the ’05, ’06, ’07 drafts and what Jeff yielded is (huge).”