Cardsblog Exclusive: Was Robinson Cano Almost Traded to Cardinals?

Robinson Cano Cardinals According to Chris Osborn, a former arbitration lawyer for the St. Louis Cardinals, the Yankees made an offer for Albert Pujols in the 2003-2004 offseason that would have "resulted in more rings" than Pujols alone brought to St. Louis. While Osborn was unable to divulge full details of the proposed trade, here's


Five Early Cardinals Insights Using Statcast Data

Cardinals Statcast Observations The season may be young, but there's already terabytes of data sitting around waiting to be analyzed. MLB's Statcast provides incredibly detailed information that can lead to some surprising conclusions. Let's see how some Cardinals players grade out in the new data. Matt Carpenter's Exit Velocity You don't need to run a

Random Ramblings from a Sunday Cardinals Game at Busch

Cardinals Ramblings

follow Yesterday I had the privilege to watch the Cardinals get absolutely walloped by the Cincinnati Reds, and I'm still around to tell my side of the story of the fateful 8-0 beating. In a shocking development, tickets to Sunday's game were markedly cheaper coming straight from than they were on StubHub.

Reason #12 to Get Excited for Cardinals Baseball: 10 Bold Predictions

Cardinals Bold Predictions a comparison and contrast essay is balanced if the writer We've got less than one week until Opening Day, and there isn't much left to say/write about the meaningless Cardinals spring training games. Instead, we'll take a peek at the future and make some predictions that will likely look ridiculous in about a month. 10.) Aledmys Diaz wins National League Silver