Cardinals Positional Outlook: Third Base

Cardinals Third Base Outlook

The Cardinals are set for now at third base, but could they make a splash next offseason? This Season Third base for the Cardinals in 2018 looks to be held down by Jedd Gyorko for the third year in a row. After batting .272 with 20 home runs last season, he will

Should Cardinals Circle Back to Lance Lynn?

Lance Lynn

Given that Lance Lynn is still unsigned, should the Cardinals move to sign him this late in the offseason? Now that Yu Darvish has been scooped up by the Chicago Cubs, the Cardinals should look to a player who has been in the system for six years. Lance Lynn is one

Can Tommy Pham be a 30/30 Player in 2018?

Tommy Pham 30/30

Tommy Pham says he will be a 30/30 hitter in 2018, but how likely is it that he reaches this goal? Cardinals baseball is almost here. Pitchers and catchers report one week from the time of this writing. Hopefully, an exciting season awaits, and hopefully, the Cardinals make it back to

Should Paul DeJong’s Defense be a Real Concern?

Paul DeJong

Paul DeJong is not the best defensive shortstop that the MLB has ever seen, but should it matter for the Cardinals? ZiPs Projection Fangraphs recently came out with their ZiPs projections for the Cardinals in 2018, and the overall appearance is that the Cardinals will be no worse than average next season.

Cardinals: A Fantasy Life

Tommy Pham

The Cardinals are Ready to Make Your Dream Come True at Cardinals Fantasy Camp. Normally, when you get mobbed by your fellow Cardinals after hitting a walk off grand slam to win the World Series, you wake up. Maybe you played a little in college, or maybe you have coached little

Giving Back: How Cardinals Support Their Communities


Supporting Your Community and the Cardinals at the Same Time is an Incredible Opportunity. In light of all of the disasters in this country lately, it seems like everyone needs a place to feel safe. One way that players like to give back to the community is through charities, often related to