All-Star Team of Cardinals’ Killers


If there was a team that would surely beat the Cardinals, it's this one Note: This list mostly contains players from the more recent playing era, but includes some older players who just had a knack for killing the Cards. Starting Pitcher-  Bud Norris Bud Norris isn't usually described as being an absolutely

Cardinals 2017 Top MLB Prospects Rankings

Cardinals Prospects

On the ranked list of the 101 top prospects for the 2017 MLB season, four members of the Cardinals system appear, with Alex Reyes at the very top. Baseball Prospectus is a site known for making valuable prospect rankings of players who could be considered rookies in the upcoming season. Yesterday, on the same day that

How the Loss of Brandon Moss Impacts Cardinals

Two days ago, the Kansas City Royals acquired free-agent Brandon Moss. What does that mean for the Cardinals? Last season, Brandon Moss was a part of a two man platoon at first-base with Matt Adams. Any time a right-handed pitcher started for the other team, Moss usually did too—25 of his 28 home-runs in