Fan voting for the All Star Game concludes Thursday, July 3rd.

Unfortunately, for the Cardinals, fan voting is pretty much over anyway. The Cards will probably only send one batter to the All Star lineup. Considering how badly their offense is doing this year, I cannot say it comes as a major surprise.

Yadi is the only player that has a statistical chance of getting into the All Star Game. Despite Milwaukee’s best efforts to sabotage the poor catcher and the Cardinal clubhouse, Yadi will walk over Lucroy (Brewers Catcher).

But besides the defensive monster, the Cardinals have no realistic chance of gaining another starter. Although Matt Adams has the talent and the numbers, his name is not big enough to win over fans. There are a few key reasons to explain why he is not a legitimate contender at first base.

First, Adams missed a crucial portion of fan voting when he was out for injury a few weeks back. Many fans might think twice about voting for him even though he has the best batting average of any first baseman (.325 coming into tonight’s game). Adams, though he has power, has not been able to make a splash on the national stage. He did not shine in a recent World Series nor did he hit a major milestone this year like Pujols. All these small factors can contribute heavily to the outcome of All Star voting.

Bigger factors slowing Adams include his nine home runs. He does not even lead the Cardinals. Fans disproportionately associate homeruns with success. Many fans forget that Mark McGwire had only one season batting over .300 in which he played over 100 games. Sammy Sosa faired a little better hitting over .300 in four of his 18 seasons.

Adams, tragically, will miss the All Star Game this year at no fault of his own. The problem stems largely from inability of fans to discern emotion from facts.