Puig is not seriously injured after being struck by a pitch –MRI finds.

After being hit on the hand by a 99 mph fastball from Joe Kelly, Puig received word earlier today that his had is not broken. He will, probably, still be out of the lineup tomorrow according to the Dodgers.

Today, Puig’s absense meant Matt Kemp played the field. Kemp has been larely seen as trade bait this season and would be an excellent addition to the Cardinal lineup as an upgrade from Allen Craig/Tavaras in right field. When asked what the Kemp move meant, Don Mattingly quickly responded, “It is what it is right now. Let’s just leave it at that. I don’t want to have to go into all this stuff again. It’s ridiculous.”

Fortunately, Puig will probably be able to play the rest of the season meaning the Dodgers can still make a move with Matt Kemp, which could be good for the Cardinals. To watch the pitch that started it all, follow the link below.