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Breaking News: Waino to Pitch Saturday

Cardinals fans can beathe a heavy sigh of relief with the knowledge that ace pitcher Adam Wainwright will be back in the regular rotation according to the Belleville News-Democrat.

After missing Monday night’s game due to tendonitus in his elbow, Adam Wainwright will be starting for the Cardinals again on Saturday’s game against the Phillies. Waino has been a star for the Cardinals and his health guarantees an All Star rotation that is almost perfect from top to bottom. The Cardinals lead the majors in lowest ERA among starting rotations, hovering around a 3.00. The Cards also have one of the lowest batting averages against in all of baseball thanks, in large part, to complete games tossed by Wainwright. The Birds are lucky that he only missed one start. Although his absense did not guarantee failure, as seen Monday, his presence as a leader on the team will certainly drive the Cards’ momentum in this critical series against the Phillies.

If the Cards can pull off a sweep against the Phillies, they will be in excellent shape heading into the final three weeks before the All Star break. It is no secret that this is the time of year when distractions run high as players attempt to woo fans with showmanship instead of teamwork. Wainwright’s experience and level headednees will help the Cardinals tremendously both on and off the field. Tomorrow’s game should be a telling story of the coming weeks for the Redbirds.

Adam Wainwright is back and ready to lead the Cards into the All Star Break
Adam Wainwright is back and ready to lead the Cards into the All Star Break