Going into tonight’s game, the Cards are 6 games out with the opportunity to close that gap to 5.5. The only problem with that is is that the team that started the week in second (the Reds) now sits in fourth at 7 games out.


While undoubtedly a good thing for the Redbirds, the Reds drop in the standings shows how close this race truly is. A single bad series or weekend has the potential to ruin a team’s title hopes. The Cards want to avoid what happened to the Reds over the last three days and take advantage of all the ground Milwaukee is giving them.

As we all know, over the past week the Cards have underperformed. Losing the series to the Dodgers and the first one to the Giants has hurt, but this team has the chance to rebound tonight. All-Star selections and monthly awards are unimportant in the long run as the home stretch looms. The Cards need to beat the bad teams and split with the good. Jhonny Peralta needs to step up and the front office needs to make a move to power this anemic offense. The Cards time is now with the Brewers faltering, but can the Cards hold off the Reds and Pirates, too?

Tonight’s game starts at 9:15 CST. Stopper Adam Wainwright is on the mound.