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Brian Stull And Chris Duncan On Kyle Lohse

In this video, Brian Stull and Chris Duncan discuss why Kyle Lohse still hasn’t found a place to pitch for 2013.

Lohse had a career year in 2012, going 16-3 with a 2.86 ERA. What they neglect to talk about the video though is that it’s not necessarily the draft pick that teams are unwilling to give up. It’s that in addition to the draft pick, they lose out on the additional suggested money that teams are allotted to sign their draft picks. Because first and second round draft picks make up somewhat close to a majority of the money that is suggested, teams suddenly have a lot less flexibility in how they’re able to sign not just their first or second round draft pick, but all the others that follow. And for a 34-year-old pitcher whose on the tail end of his career, that tradeoff might not be worth it for so many teams.