The Cardinals need one last final push from the fans to help get in to the All Star Game!

Last Wednesday, Major League Baseball released their latest All-Star Game Balloting Update. Currently, there are a couple of Cardinals who are in line to make the team. However, there are also a number of other worthy candidates who aren’t doing as well in the voting process.

For the time being, Yadier Molina is the only Cardinal who is in position to start the Mid-Summer Classic. He leads the catchers with 1,205,497 votes. However, Buster Posey is not far behind (1,130,084 votes) and is making a late push to take Molina’s spot as starter.

Brandon Moss is currently in 5th place in the first basemen voting. Even though he splits duties with Matt Holliday and Matt Adams at the position for the Cardinals, he has still gathered 357,903 votes. He currently trails Anthony Rizzo (2,202,494), Brandon Belt (839,188), Paul Goldschmidt (681,773), and Adrian Gonzalez (577,666). Not a bad list to be on considering the fact that Moss barely won the position battle coming out of Spring Training.

Due to the Cardinals strange infield situation with Kolten Wong‘s inconsistencies and Jhonny Peralta‘s return from the DL, there are no Cardinals’ who will make the All-Star team from that second base.

Matt Carpenter is in position to make the All-Star team as a third basemen. Currently, he is in 3rd place at third base with 606,986 votes. He trails Kris Bryant (2,070,738) and Nolan Arenado (1,543,515). Although Carpenter is currently the Cardinals’ second basemen, he is eligible to play third base with the All-Star team. It would be an absolute travesty if Carpenter doesn’t make the team because he has been the Cardinal’s MVP in the first half of the season.

Strangely, even though Aledmys Diaz has taken the league by storm as a rookie sensation, he is no where to be found on the leaderboards for shortstop. Because he was not the Opening Day starter, he is not on the All-Star ballot provided by the MLB. People would have to write Diaz’s name in, which weakens his chances of gathering votes from other fans. However, if it comes down to it, he is a prime candidate for the Manager’s Pick.

In the outfield, Stephen Piscotty and Matt Holliday are 10th and 12th respectively. However, the NL is stacked with solid outfielders, so Piscotty will likely get snubbed from the team, even though he has been the Cardinal’s most consistent hitter all year. Surprisingly, Jason Heyward is in 4th, which just shows that the voting is more named biased than on performance.

You can help send your Cardinals to the All-Star game by voting here.

The next update comes out today (6/27/16). Voting closes on June 30th, 2016.

Photo captured by Jennifer Buchanan- USA Today Sports