After the Tough Loss Yesterday, Cardinals Fans Must Know that Waino Will Rebound from Poor Start

There has been a lot of criticism this season about Adam Wainwright’s performance. After being injured for the majority of the 2015 season, Wainwright has not been able to find his former form. It is no secret Wainwright has had a tough season. His struggles started in spring training where he posted a 4.80 ERA in 15 innings. Though Spring Training, performances should not be looked into all that much, but Wainwright’s regular season has not been much better. Wainwright has started 3 games and surrendered 15 earned runs.

Wainwrights struggles continued during yesterday’s game. After starting strong, he blew a 4-0 lead against the Cincinnati Reds. He lost his command quickly, and it was definitely painful to watch him give up 7 runs in 5.1 innings.

So why shouldn’t we panic? Wainwright’s stuff is clearly there. His fastball is still averaging 90 MPH, his curveball still bites and his cutter still throws hitters off. Wainwright has gone through slumps that he has been able to pitch his way out of in the past so there is no reason Wainwright can’t do it again.

Throughout his career, Wainwright has had four seasons where he’s had at least 19 wins, the last being 2014 his last fully healthy season. In addition, last season when he finally returned from his injury, he posted an impressive 1.61 ERA through 28 innings pitched. Wainwright has proven that even though he’s gotten older, he still can pitch effectively.

The veteran right hander has simply missed a few pitches and in the MLB that can cost you. Though it looks very bad on paper, Wainwright is simply lacking confidence. In 2012 Wainwright went through a similar slump. In April, he posted a 7.32 ERA through 19.2 innings pitched. Wainwright was able to regain his form, ultimately going on to win 14 games that season.

It is April, where players are just trying to regain their form. If Wainwright can remain healthy, he will have 30 more starts this season. Wainwright will eventually find his form again but hopefully for the Cardinals, it will come back sooner rather than later.

Photo Captured by Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports