On Sunday, the first half of the 2016 season officially ended with the Cardinals beating the Brewers to finish 46-42. Here are the numbers that have defined the season thus far.

+89: The Cardinals are third in the entire MLB in run differential only behind the Chicago Cubs (+139) and the Washington Nationals (+105). This statistic includes both the AL and the NL, by the way, making it that much more impressive.

.422: So far, the Cardinals are 19-26 with a win percentage of .422 at Busch Stadium. We have not seen the Cardinals dominate at home like they had in previous seasons. In 2015, they were 55-26 (.679) and, in 2014, 51-30 (.670) at Busch.

46: The Cardinals finished the first half of the season with 46 hits in pinch-hit situations. The next closest team in the MLB only has 30. The team is currently 46-126 (.365) in that role.

450: The Cardinals are fourth in the league in runs scored, only behind the Boston Red Sox (486), the Chicago Cubs (454), and the Colorado Rockies (451).

68: The Cardinals leads the league with 68 errors in 87 games played. San Diego is second with 65 in 88 games. The Cardinals also have the worst team fielding percentage at .980.

3.90: The Cardinals are currently 8th in the league in team ERA. Last year, the team only had a 2.96 ERA.

.318: The Cardinals are currently 7-15 in one-run games, with a measly win percentage of .318. Much of this blame belongs to Trevor Rosenthal and the inconsistent bullpen, but part of the blame also belongs on the team and Mike Matheny.

10: Speaking of blown saves, the Cardinals only have 10 blown saves this year, which is tied for 16th in the league. Even though fans like to blame Rosenthal for the fact that we aren’t closer to the Cubs, the fact of the matter is that every team in the league has at least 6 blown saves. It’s part of the game. If the team with a lead heading into the 9th wins every time, then we would only play an 8 inning game.

3: Though this number may seem higher in our minds, Rosenthal has only blown 3 save opportunities. Currently, he is 14-17 in such opportunities. I, for one, think it is too early to give up on him just yet, considering the fact that he is only 26.

43,283: This is the number of fans, on average, that have shown up to Busch for home games. The Cardinals are only behind the Los Angeles Dodgers in average home attendance (44,780).

Photo Credit: Jeff Hanisch – USA TODAY Sports