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St. Louis Cardinals Game 3 of 162: @ Pittsburgh

Cardinals Mike Leake

Mike Leake vs. Juan Nicasio

  • I really wish I had more positive things to write about, but getting swept by the Pirates to start the year just stinks. The Cardinals were awful. They did not pitch well, they did not provide any clutch hitting, and the defense was very shaky. Overall, the Cardinals definitely need a boost after a confidence-crushing sweep to start the season against a division rival.
  • In this game, the Cardinals struggled to produce much of anything at the plate. Jeremy Hazelbaker was the lone star of this one, mashing a solo home run and flashing the leather in center field with a diving catch. Hazelbaker, however, probably should not have started. Mike Matheny started him over Randal Grichuk, but this move was questionable. While Grichuk is definitely off to a rough start, he is still a very young player and needs all the experience he can get. We’ll see if the move pays off for Matheny and the Cardinals in the next few games.

  • On the mound, Mike Leake got off to a rough start by throwing around 40 pitches in the 1st inning! Leake, who is known for being an efficient pitcher and eating a lot of innings, did exactly the opposite in his very first inning of work for the Redbirds. Fortunately, he was able to get through 4 and 1/3 innings, but these were not quality innings. Leake had some nice stretches, but the Pirates got seven hits off of him and that’s just too much against a great team like Pittsburgh.
  • I’m going to stop this recap a little short. Bottom line is that for the third night in a row, the Cardinals didn’t get it done and were completely out-performed in most phases of the game. If this team wants to be successful, they need to put in the work in these next few games @ Atlanta.