Stephen Piscotty is going to be The GUY in right.

As we reach the 10 day mark until the season starts, there’s no better way to get excited than to go through each position on the field and what the Cardinals are going to be bringing. So it starts in right field where Stephen Piscotty will be playing most of the year. For a long time, Piscotty has been a highly-touted prospect, but this will be his first chance to play an entire season in the bigs.

Last year in 63 games, he hit .305 (with a .359 OBP), 7 homers and 39 RBIs. If you include the 5 playoff games, his home run and RBI numbers go up to 10 and 45. Extend that into a full season and he would have had 107 RBIs. and 23 homers. Then take into account that he is 25 and getting better each year, and the possibilities for him this season are endless. In Matt Holliday‘s first season in the bigs? He hit .290 (.349 OBP), had 14 homers and 57 RBIs in nearly twice as many games.

And if all of that isn’t enough, then we can add on that Piscotty, during spring training (in 12 games), is hitting .387, the best average on the team.

There are definitely things that could go wrong. Pitchers could figure him out, he could get hurt, he could lose his touch. But that can happen with anybody, and there is nothing that we have seen thus far that gives reason for Piscotty to slow down. Hopefully, him and Randal Grichuk feed off each other this year and dominate 2016 together.

Piscotty does not have to replicate his 2015 success in order for the Cardinals to be successful, but he is one of many guys on the team that could be set for a breakout year. Piscotty potentially continuing his success at the plate provides another reason to get excited for Cardinals baseball to start up in TEN short days.