Kolten Wong

Derrick Goold wrote this morning about how Baseball America will soon rank the Cardinals as having the number one minor league system in all of baseball. As Goold notes, the Cardinals ranked 30th just eight years ago. From the article:

“…it will be the first time since Baseball America began ranking organizations in 1984 that the Cardinals will have earned the No. 1 spot. It is a significant turnaround for a club that was ranked 30th in minor-league talent in 2002 and 2005.”

We know the names: Rosenthal, Miller, Kelly, Taveras, Wong, the list really goes on and on. And if the Cardinals do truly plan on winning from within their system, then you have to look back and realize that it was OK that they didn’t resign Pujols. If we were paying Albert $25-30 million five years from now, when he will almost certainly be a worse (statistically) ballplayer than he is now, then we would be furious that we wouldn’t have enough salary space to give deals to these prospects who would just leave for other teams. I’m really looking forward to this crop of young pitchers who already seem to have the fan base very excited about what holds for us in the future.