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Cardinals Reason #2: The Pitching Staff

Our last position in our position countdown is the pitching staff. It was historic last year and in 2016, they have the talent to match that mark.

Last season, the Cardinals had the injury bug. As soon as a player would get hot, they would go down with any thing from a laundry list of ailments that plagued the team. Pulled hamstrings were the norm as well as torn ligaments and usual wear and tear. Matt carpenter was not himself for almost 2 months while he went through what the team called “fatigue”. We lost our ace, 3 hole hitter , and first basemen all in the span of what seemed to be a week.

Many teams would have finished below .500. Many Teams would have called it quits. Many teams would have said there is always next year. But Many teams are not the Cardinals. They persevered and made it through all of the injuries to 100 win season. Some could would call it luck but I call it good pitching. Even without Adam Wainwright, the staff suffocated opposing offenses in terms of run production. Ground balls were induced as well as pop ups. The opposition just could not get a run on the bored.

This season’s staff can do the same.

Wainwright is back and has a full season worth of bullets saved in that “old” of his. Also the young guns in Michael Wacha and Carlos Martinez are both a year older as well as wiser and their performances should also improve. Even with the loss of both Lance Lynn and John Lackey, we have the ground ball maestro that is Mike Leake. Leake has been outstanding this spring and could benefit from a pitcher friendly park after pitching in the shoe box sized park in Cincinatti.

With the added contributions of Jaime Garcia as well as Tyler Lyons and Marco Gonzales if someone goes down, this staff could be the best in the league. The Cardinals are not going to go out and put up 5 runs every night or even 4 for that matter so pitching will be the way they win games the whole season.

This may be a daunting task for many teams. Many teams would trade from their strengths to update the offense. Many teams would feel as if every game may not turn out the way they want it to. But like I said earlier, many teams are not the Cardinals.

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