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Cardinals Reason #23: International Signing Period

The Cardinals lack significant positional talent in their system. It will be fun to see what they do on the July 2nd International Signing Period.

With the decision coming out soon regarding the Astros Hacking incident, the Cardinals could be docked draft picks going forward. This could be quite detrimental to the Cardinals’ draft based team design. With draft picks being threatened, the Cardinals may need to test the waters in other areas of the world in order to keep their power house of a system chugging along and producing major league talent. The International market is where the Birds will strike next.

Every fan knows of the war chests that are sitting in the Dewitt’s offices. We all sure heard about this this past offseason. Sign player X. We have to in order to keep up with team Y. We have heard it time and time again and the Cards, for the most part, always come up on top. This set of circumstances could be different however. The Cubs are good, very good. And young, very young. The Cardinals are all of this too, but lack any impact position players in the upper levels of the minors. The pitching just keeps coming but the bats have stalled out. We need an influx of high floor, high ceiling talent in system in the form of bat wielding giants who patrol the base paths on a regular basis. This is where the International market comes into place.

The Cardinals have had recent success in the past with international signings so they are no strangers to the market. Carlos Martinez (My Idol), Oscar Taveras, and Alex Reyes were all international signings. These are some of the best talents to come through the organization for a long time. So I, as a fan, am excited to see if the Cardinals could manage a similar level of talent in one haul the signing period.

The war chests are full. The pressure is on. The storm is perfect.

There are plenty of talented players all over Latin America for the the Cards to pursue. Kevin Maitan, a switch hitting infielder who is the prize of this year’s pool, has been heavily scouted by the Cardinals. He is described as a phenom and is still only 16 years old. He was recently compared to Miguel Cabrera. I personally would love a middle infielder with the bat of Cabrera. No complaints here. But the thing is, there are more players like Maitan all over and the Cardinals have the resources and pull to go out and get multiple of these high ceiling kids. Not just one. That is the beauty of having the money in the backroom waiting to be spent. You can do whatever you want with it. This would be a pragmatic, but large step forward for a Cardinals system that has lacked elite position players since Taveras.

The war chests are full. The pressure is on. The storm is perfect.

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