Our next look at the exciting 2016 positions takes us to center field where 2 young players will garner all of the playing time for the season.

Gone are the days of Jimmy Baseball. In the early 2000s, Jim Edmonds patrolled center field like a dog playing fetch. Anything that came his way, he caught it. His first step, his arm, and his never say die attitude when it came to a play in center captivated fans for nearly a decade.

But his defense was only one facet to his game. He hit the ball over center fielder’s more times than not during his tenure with the Cardinals. After Edmonds, the years of failed prospects and Jon Jay, along with his terrible excuse for an arm, plagued the Cardinals’ center field.

We are in a new era of center field for the Cardinals. Young guns patrol the grass. 2 will take up the majority of the playing time in center and their names are Tommy Pham and Randal Grichuk.

Grichuk looks to start the season off as the opening day starter with Pham being the fourth outfielder that will be plugged in as much as possible to get his bat in the lineup. They both are defensive upgrades over the noodle arm that was Jay.

They both offer a source of power which has been absent from the Cardinals center field for many years. Also the combination of speed as well as sheer athleticism, will be fun to watch.

Grichuk offers the type of power that has been absent from the lineup for a few years and Pham is essentially a super sub. When it is all said and done, it would not be surprising to see the 2 of them (especially if Matt Holliday goes down with an injury) having a total of 50 HRs come seasons end. Their RBI totals should also eclipse 150-175 by the season’s end as well.

These 2 could be the dynamic duo to carry this offense to new heights. It should be fun to watch.

-Hope You Enjoyed