This is the last entry into our countdown of reasons to be excited for the season and it is a pretty obvious one.

Gone are the winter winds. Gone are the flurries of snow. The grass is growing. The sun is shining. The boys of summer are back. This is a special time for St. Louis. After the winters, we all come out of hibernation for this event. The city begins to get some life back. The streets around Busch start to fill. You can feel the excitement in the air. Now, the stadium is not open yet but baseball is back and the city knows it.

We have heard all winter about the team to the north and how they are best thing since sliced bread. The endless talks of how the Cardinals are old and have to be escorted back to the dugout so they do not get lost are all just noise covered up by the screaming crowd.

Other cities may have things we do not. That is simply a fact of life but no city can match how ingrained Cardinals Baseball is into how the city goes about its business. It is simply a way of life.

A way of life that sadly has to be put on the shelf from October to April. But the wait is over. We will soon see the Clydesdales parading on the warning track. The hall of famers will walk out in their red coats.

But until then, our attention goes to Pittsburgh where we will see our boys take the field for the first time this spring. Even if the weather still may be a bit on the cold side from time to time, watching the ball go from Waino to Yadi will warm us up quick.

Baseball is back in the city of St. Louis.

If you will excuse me, I will be waiting for the first pitch with rest of Cardinal Nation.

-Hope you enjoyed