It was payback time in St. Louis today as the Cardinals abruptly ended the Philadelphia Phillies’ five-game winning streak.

Cardinal veterans shined on the diamond today in the 4-1 victory over the Phillies. Adam Wainwright made his first appearance today after the tendonitus scare and was in typical winning fashion. He pitched eight innings and proved, once again, that he can overcome any obstacle. Wainwright allowed only one run and struck out seven batters while walking none. Matt Holliday made the difference by scoring the go-ahead run in the bottom of the eighth.

Although there is much to celebrate about the Cardinal victory, there are still a few holes that need to be addressed before the All-Star break. All four Cardinal runs were scored on the ground, demonstrating once again that the Cardinals lack power even when they win. The only run scored from a hit was Matt Holliday’s double.  All three other runs were scored off of sacrifice-flies or fielder’s choice.  While contact is important, scoring four runs off of only five hits is not the standard and does not usually result in a win.

Holliday, a vet, knocked in the go-ahead run in the 8th.

The Cards play one more game tomorrow against the Phillies to try to even the series, but after that, they play three consecutive series away from Busch, where the odds are less favorable. The Cards will face Troy Tulowitski  and the Rockies, Yasiel Puig’s Dodgers, and the Giants, who have shocked the country this year with a powerful bullpen. All three of these teams will require consistency in the lineup in order for the Redbirds to be successfulconsistency that the Cards have been lacking all season.