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This is Our Cardinals Team and This is Our Month


Welp. The Cardinals lost last night to the lowly Brewers and the head case that is Matt Garza. For many, it was a tough way to end a mediocre August. The pitching was so-so, mostly due to a terrible Adam Wainwright, and a bad first few starts from Carlos Martinez. In other words, this was not the month the Cardinals needed.

Many fans, myself included, thought that at this point in the season, the Red Birds would be challenging or surpassing the Baby Bears for the division lead and march firmly towards the playoffs.

We also thought the pitching would be good.

We also thought the offense would struggle and the bullpen would be a strength

Oh, how we were wrong.

When looking back at this 2016 season, there are plenty of places and plenty of people to throw blame at (*cough* Matheny *cough*): terrible defense, inconsistent pitching, an aging core that is actually starting to age before our eyes. These are all points of contention within Cardinals Nation and for very good reason. This team has been infuriating to watch for the majority of season. They do not pass the eye test for many and can’t seem to play like the power hitting team they are in the sanctuary that is Busch Stadium.

Do not even get me started on the double switches.

But you know what? This is our team whether we like it or not.

This is the team that we have for at least the next month and hopefully for 12 more wins in October when the Fall Classic comes to a close.

For better or worse, this team is all we have for the next month. The Rams are gone and the Blues are still waiting for their season to start anew. So the Cardinals are it. It is not time to complain but to embrace. That is all we can do at this point. And the time to do it is now.

Today is the first day of September which signals a lot of things. The start of fall, the start of the NFL season, and the perennial month of the Cardinals playoff push. We see it every year. The Cardinals play their best baseball when it counts and turn it up a notch when the calendar flips to September. And this is something that happens no matter who is on the team. From 2011 to 2015, you do not hear about a September collapse coming out of St. Louis unless they were talking about the Rams’ postseason chances.

Time and time again, this team has put its best foot forward on this date. You don’t make it to five consecutive postseasons without doing it- and this year should be no different. The schedule is set up to be road heavy which will be a bonus for this team. As should the fact that they play within the division for the majority.

This team has the feeling of an underdog and one that will be an afterthought when the postseason begins. Check the records of 2006 and 2011 and you will see two afterthoughts that should have been gone in the first round. But they stuck around. They walked into the playoffs and wouldn’t go down. They kept fighting even when their backs were against the wall.

That is what this team does. It fights.

And as long as they are fighting, we have a chance. But it can’t be just their fight. It is all of ours. We need to get behind this team and own them for all of their imperfections and inadequacies because they are all we have.

This is our team and this is our month.

-Hope You Enjoyed

Cardinals photo captured by Jeff Curry- USA Today Sports