Instead of evaluating the Cardinals first half of the season, or Aledmys Diaz’s rigged strikeout in the All-Star Game, let’s rank the top four FIRE social media games of recent and current Cardinals players.

This list will encompass all players that have been on the Cardinals in the past five years, because let’s face it, a lot of the players aren’t very active on Twitter.

#4- Adam Wainwright (@UncleCharlie50)

Adam Wainwright, aka Uncle Charlie, has the nastiest curveball on the Cardinals roster. Likewise, Wainwright’s Twitter game is the hottest of all current Cardinals pitchers. Wainwright also possesses the highest amount of followers on this list at 151,000. However, he falls down on the ranking due to his relatively low activity level. Nevertheless, Wainwright’s tweets are always very entertaining, and additionally, he does a good job of interacting with his fans:

Wainwright has an extremely entertaining personality, highlighted by his crazy antics in the dugout or on Twitter.  If Wainwright decided to be a little more active on twitter, he would possess one of the best, if not the best, social media accounts in all of baseball.

#3- Yadier Molina

Number three on the list, Molina takes the highest spot for players currently on the Cardinals 25-man roster. In the past month, all of Molina’s tweets have been about his new clothing line, M4, which by itself, would not be enough to overtake Wainwright on this list. However, Molina’s Instagram is absolutely flames, and is always up to date. I mean just yesterday Molina exhibited how strong his selfie game is: 

#ymselfie with el yanu !!

A photo posted by Yadier Molina (@yadier_marciano_molina) on

Although it seems like a lot of his pictures are in order to promote his clothing line, he shares a lot of pictures about his life and daily events. A lot of a player’s social media game can be based off of how often they update it, and how much they engage with their followers. Yadi’s pretty consistent flow of content, and sharing of somewhat private things such as his daughter’s birthday, make his Instagram pretty fire.

#2- Joe Kelly

Joe Kelly, who was traded to the Boston Red Sox in 2014, has a Twitter a lot like Wainwright, however, Kelly has been a LOT more consistent in his rate of tweets. One reason he takes my number two spot is that he plays Pokemon Go, an app I have invested a LOT of time in recently.

Like Wainwright, a lot of his tweets are very entertaining in humor. But even more so than Waino, Kelly engages with his followers, responding to tweets and engaging in conversations.

Additionally, Kelly, much like myself, is a huge fan of competitive E-sports, namely Call of Duty, and is pretty active in that community as well. For these reasons, Joe Kelly has one of the best Twitter accounts of any baseball player I’ve ever seen.

#1- John Axford

There is one word that describes John Axford’s Twitter page: troll. Axford, with his hilarious and somewhat “raunchy” personality, has one of the most entertaining Twitters around. He never runs away from calling out his haters, and isn’t afraid to speak his mind (something that I respect a lot).

There’s just something about a baseball player who jams out to Marilyn Manson with his two sons:

I think I've got a couple rock toddlers. @marilynmanson #TheBeautifulPeople

A video posted by John Axford (@johnaxford) on

Although he wasn’t even a Cardinal for an entire season (in 2013), John Axford’s social media presence is still enough to take the number one spot on this list. In my opinion, Axford deserves a lot more than his 77.6 K followers (the lowest out of everyone else on the list). So if you’re looking for an entertaining, somewhat gaudy Twitter personality, and you don’t follow him already, definitely give Axford a follow.

Photo captured by Caylor Arnold- USA Today Sports