With Last Night’s Start, Molina Passed Ted Simmons for Most Starts by a Catcher in Cardinals History

If there’s one great thing that has happened so far in the 2016 season, it happened last night. Before the game even started, when the lineup was posted by Mike Matheny, Yadier Molina broke another Cardinals record. On a chilly night in Pittsburgh, Molina made start 1,831 for the Cardinals, surpassing Ted Simmons for most all-time among Cardinals backstops.

While it’s clear that Molina is not the same hitter that he once was, he still brings it every night and the fact that he’s still playing after all these years is a testament to his conditioning and work ethic. The 162-game grind of the MLB season is no joke, sometimes proving to be too much for young players. Molina withstood that challenge, and has been the Cardinals for the long haul, staying loyal to the city of St. Louis and all fans of the Redbirds.

It was a great moment last night when Yadi gunned down Gregory Polanco trying to steal second base in the 4th inning. Even now, many catchers in the MLB still can’t throw runners out like Molina. He still has one of the best arms in the league, and he has already shown that by throwing out two runners in 2016.

Last night was uniquely special, however, because of how it showcased Molina’s constant drive. It’s no secret that the Cardinals were sluggish in the three-game series at Pittsburgh, but Molina was constantly on his toes, showing that he is the captain of this team and has to be on his game even when his teammates fail to pick him up.

By the time his career is finished and it’s time to put away the catcher’s mitt, Molina probably will have blown away this record for games started by a Cardinals catcher. From 2004 to 2016, Cardinals fans have been treated to some absolutely stellar play at catcher.

While it’s easy to get down about how this season has started, we must take time to appreciate greatness when we see it, and that’s what we saw last night through Yadier Molina simply squatting behind home plate and receiving the first pitch from Mike Leake in the bottom of the 1st inning. So, take this off day to put some positive thoughts back in your mind, and salute Yadier Molina on cementing another Cardinals record under his name, adding to what has been a fantastic career so far.