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Cards Injury Update

Some updates on Cardinals injuries, and what they could mean:

Jaime Garcia is electing to most likely not have surgery, according to statements made my John Mozeliak made earlier in the week.  They won’t know until Spring Training, though, on whether or not he will be good to start at the beginning of the season.  This could be good for the young pitchers, as they are more likely to be prepared for the prime time instead of automatically being relegated to a non-starting position.  Overall, though, you hate to see uncertainty, especially with the only lefty arm in the rotation.  Hopefully he is good to go when the season starts, and return to 2011 form.

The other injury update is in regard to Rafael Furcal.  He also is leaning toward avoiding surgery, according to Mozeliak.  The Cards may be looking to beef up at the shortstop position (Yunei Escobar, perhaps? Check out Steve Hirsch’s article here.)  Pete Kozma is not the answer here, and I don’t think Escobar is, either.  The Cards are weak in the middle of the infield right now, and if Mozeliak wants to actually improve his team and get it back to the point where there were very few holes in the lineup, he will make a real move.  As of now, the 7-9 spots are a major gap to fill.