I wrote two articles a while back, and I think both are perfectly fitting for right now.  I wrote about the culture of Cardinal baseball, and about what St. Louis is like come the month of October.  Check em out.(Links to articles: An Enviable CultureOctober in St. Louis)

Words can’t describe the feelings when Daniel Descalso hit that single up the middle last night to tie the game up.  I lept from my seat and almost punched a hole in a wall out of excitement before barely restraining myself.  I was so energized that I was almost out of celebrating when Pete Kozma, the rookie from who-knows-where, knocked a single into right to go ahead two.  Also, let’s point something out about Descalso that I think is worth mentioning — the guy went yard only 4 times in the regular season, but has shown us some power in the NLDS.  He hit two homers, and lifted two to the warning track, one of which was robbed by Jayson Werth, the almost-Cardinal slayer.

Boy is it fun to be a Cardinals fan.  It’s fun to be a part of a team that never quits regardless of the situation.  That’s not all it is, though.  They’ve got some talent on that roster if you haven’t noticed.  These boys are flat out good.  The top six guys in the lineup have been sensational all year, and all the number 7 & 8 hitters did last night was hit the tying and go ahead singles.

They’ve got the rotation that can get it done, even without Jaime.  The guy that’s replacing him won 18 games in the regular season and was an All-Star.  No big deal.

Obviously, it’s one step at a time — gotta go get a win in San Francisco.  But after last night, how can you not think that this team could be the two-time defending champs come the start of next season?