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Cardsblog at 2016 Cardinals Blogger Day

Mozeliak press

This past Sunday, the Cardsblog team was invited to the 2016 St. Louis Cardinals Blogger Day

The event was great. We got to meet other bloggers in the community, enjoy great food and hear Cardinals GM and President John Mozeliak and Bill DeWitt III discuss the team and baseball operations.

Before getting into the details, it’s worth keeping in mind that

  1. DeWitt and Mozeliak were very open about the team, their thoughts and what has been going on.
  2. They are very optimistic about the Cardinals and the farm system moving forward.

Operations Side:

  • The team sold 22,000 season tickets before the year started, ranking top 5 in the league, and after all other sales thus far, the Cards are about 3/4 of the way towards their total ticket sales goal of 3.4 million seats.
  • This year Busch Stadium is hosting a Paul McCartney concert, the Winter Classic, and possibly another big soccer game, all of which the organization is ecstatic about.
  • In the next few weeks the team is planning on having Wifi throughout the stadium finished up.

Baseball Side:

  • Mozeliak discussed lineup optimization and made an interesting point. It’s a tough situation for Matheny because he can’t only consider the fact that a guy like Diaz is tearing it up and should be hitting 1st in the lineup. He also has to be mindful about what putting Diaz first would to do his mindset and if it could throw him off of his groove.
  • Tommy Pham is expected to make his rehab assignment late this week and hopefully get back to the team soon.
  • When asked about the possible scenarios if Diaz were to continue hitting well by the time Peralta gets back, Mozeliak mentioned that having a team with players that can play multiple positions makes it easier to move people around and test the waters with different guys, but added that the team will cross that bridge when it comes.
  • The organization as a whole is very pleased with what is going on in their farm system. Despite the suspension, everyone is very high on Alex Reyes, who DeWitt and Mozeliak mentioned to be the #1 or #2 pitching prospect they have ever seen come up through their system (in roughly 20 years!)
  • They briefly mentioned guys like Edmundo Sosa, Harrison Bader and Oscar Mercado and the potential they have, but that the hitting is currently a little shallow and they are focused on finding more guys.
  • Outside of Reyes, they said Luke Weaver looked good last year, but after a wrist injury to start this year, he has to come back strong.
  • The losses of Tim Cooney and Marco Gonzales were also tough hits because the team was expecting them to eat up some summer innings.
  • The Cardinals recently hired a doctor out of Duke who is planning to pair statistics and top scientific research to try and reduce injuries on the team through a program that will take 3-5 years to develop.

Photo Credit – Jeff Curry – USA TODAY Sports