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Cardsblog Partnership with KSDK

The Cardsblog Team is Excited to Announce a Partnership with KSDK

After our launch on March 1st, I reached out to Jordan Palmer, the Digital and Executive Producer of KSDK (the St. Louis NBC news affiliate) about Cardsblog. We were in intermittent communication, but I didn’t think much of it as the Cardsblog team continued to work on the site, publish articles and grow on social media. A week and a half ago, I reached back out to Jordan on a whim, just in an effort to try and get some publicity to the site. And his response was the best news we have had yet at Cardsblog. He asked if we wanted to partner and start using our content on KSDK.

I was expecting at best the chance to go in to KSDK and talk to them about a potential news story about our site. But an entire platform just for us? On a huge, popular and well established St. Louis news station (that I would later learn receives between 600K-1 million page views per day)? It seemed too good to be true.

But too good as it was, Jordan was telling the truth. Our writers got set up with accounts to draft articles on the KSDK website, and, in return for the publicity and platform, KSDK gets content from Cardsblog.

One might ask whether our stuff is good enough for a St. Louis news station. And if KSDK’s faith in us isn’t enough evidence, check this out. Sam Pointer’s article was a huge hit, and the number one viewed article on the entire KSDK site yesterday.

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 4.40.46 AM


So to sum up, here’s the story:

Local, Wash U Student Run Baseball Blog Partners with St. Louis Top News Station.

Many would be content with that. Getting this partnership going just a month after launch? Ride off into the sunset and take it easy.

Not us though.

Is this an unbelievable feat that we are incredibly excited about and fortunate to have? Absolutely. We can’t thank KSDK enough for the chance to be involved with them. That being said though, it is our goal to provide St. Louis with the best Cardinals news and become the #1 baseball blog in the city, and we won’t stop learning, growing, and iterating until we get there.

This moment has been so great, because it is the first sign that what we are doing is starting to work and that others are taking notice. We have a far way to go, but for now we’d like to say thank you to KSDK and to Jordan. We are ecstatic about the opportunity, and even more excited for the many more bright announcements and moments ahead for this partnership and for Cardsblog in general.


Headline image credits to our Marketing Manager and Wash U student, Zach Alter