Mike Matheny has announced that Carlos Beltran, who is being bothered by a sore left knee, will not start tonight’s game. He will, however, be available for pinch-hitting if needed.

“We’re going into it believing that he’s going to be able to pinch-hit,” Matheny said. “But he’s got a lot of work to do between now and game time and through the game. They’ll be continuing to work on him to try to get him ready to see just exactly what we have to work with. Right now we don’t know, except that he’ll be available as a pinch-hitter.”

The MRI Beltran received late Wednesday night revealed no structural damage to his knee which is great to hear, so he is still day-to-day. Matt Carpenter, who hit a decisive two-run home run in Wednesday’s game, will replace him in the lineup, though Allen Craig will be playing first base. Check back in a few minutes for details on the lineup.