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Carpenter Unsure of What Will Happen After 2013

B.J. Rains wrote this morning about Chris Carpenter and where he might be after the 2013 season. Said Carpenter, from the article:

“Yes, I have and the thoughts are I’m going to pitch this year and see what happens,” Carpenter said. “It has to do with how I feel and how my family feels if I want to continue to do it. It’s definitely physical. If I have more health issues, I’m not going to continue to try and battle through.

“If I’m healthy and I feel good at the end of the season and I am fortunate enough to have the opportunity to have a job, I’ll sit down and talk to my wife and kids and see what they want to do.”

Over the weekend at Winter Warm-Up, Carpenter said that he feels 100% and that he plans to be ready for Spring Training. He said that he even started his throwing a program a month earlier this year:

“I’m excited about the way I feel and we’ll see what happens. I want to enjoy this year and go out and compete my butt off with a bunch of guys that have some great talent and a chance to win. I’m excited about that.”

With a crop of young pitchers on the rise, it’s definitely hard to imagine a place in the rotation for Carpenter much longer. If he’s healthy, that’s one thing. But if he deteriorates, as most 39-year-old pitchers tend to do, then it’s very possible that this season could be Carpenter’s last in a Cardinals’ uniform. However, Carpenter is not concerned for now:

“I’m not concerned about it right now,” Carpenter said. “I’m concerned with enjoying this year physically, mentally and going out and having a chance to bring this ballclub back to where we want to be, the World Series.”