Here is the live feed of the Chris Carpenter press conference. It can also be streamed live on, 590AM, and 1380AM.

1:32: Mike Matheny and John Mozeliak have started the press confeence. On Friday he informed Mozeliak that after numerous bullpen attempts, he’s still feeling hte same discomfort that he felt furing last year’s season and at this point, it is looking unlikely that he will pitch in the 2013 season.

1:35: “He was one of the best when healthy…we will miss his role as a leader and a mentor,” says Mozeliak

1:36: Says Mozeliak: He was having a normal offseason but once he tried to push it and make that higher-velocity type throw, he started to feel discomfort again.

1:37: Regarding potentially signing Kyle Lohse “We’re happy with what we have…it’s very unlikely that Carpenter returns,” says Mozeliak.

1:38: Mozeliak: “I was absolutely surprised, but I knew it was plausible that he could be facing injuries again because he has historically dealt with the DL, but to hear it the way we did was certainly shocking.”

1:39: Matheny: “There’s no manuscript of how you handle the adversity of your career…it doesn’t make it easy even if you are prepared…he was confident that 2013 was going to be a big season…He has a passion for this game, this team, and the players…so it’s a lot crashing down at one time.”

1:40: Mozeliak: “We are both optimistic of what we have…but as we mentioned before, he wasn’t pitching for us last year, so it doesn’t change much to how we look at 2013, we just know now that that’s no longer an option.”

1:42: Mozeliak: “We do have confidence in what we have. If something’s in our best interest, we may consider it, but I don’t want to get specifically into talking about any [free agent] today.”

1:43: Matheny: “I don’t know if I’ve ever witnessed a better competitor or leader than Chris…we have to have some other guys step up…There’s something that’s going to be missed. What he stood for and how he went about his business, he’s a real throwback in the game and someone that commanded respect.”

1:44: Mozeliak: “You have to move on, and that’s going to be the approach of Mike and his staff.”

1:46: Mozeliak regarding a possible retiremnt: “At this point, he will just likely be put on our DL and at some point, he’ll reflect on the next chapter of his life, but he’s not doing that today.”

1:48: Mozeliak: “When you look back at his career, he was one of the more dominating pitchers when pitching…but when he was healthy, he was one of the best. He was blessed with talent but he also worked extremely hard. When I look back at the last 10-15 year,s he was one of the guys who created a model for success here because he left nothing for chance…he was a great influence on this organization in so many ways.”

1:49: The press conference is over. More details to come. Thanks for tuning in. -Steve