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Chris Duncan: Bengie Molina Will Be A Good Fit

Chris Duncan spoke on 101ESPN on Wednesday about Bengie Molina and the new role he will be assuming in 2013 as the assistant hitting coach to John Mabry. Essentially, Duncan believes that Molina will be a great fit as he is a perfect complement to Mabry. What does he mean by this? He’s saying that since Molina dealt with so many pitchers over the years and instructed them on how to get hitters out, Molina could be just as effective with hitters in explaining to them ‘Here’s what the pitcher is going to do to try and get you out, and here’s how you have to work around that.’ Therefore, while Mabry will be handling the more mechanical side of things in regards to hitting, Molina will be more about how to handle an at-bat.

Duncan spoke briefly about how more and more teams (as many as 11 now) are hiring assistant hitting coaches, which was of course first implemented by Tony LaRussa in the 2008 season, when Hal McRae and Mike Aldrete were teamed up.

There is no doubt that the Cardinals, statistically, have been one of the top offenses in the Major Leagues over the past few years, finishing in the top five teams in runs scored over the past five seasons. I do wonder though, does having two hitting coaches mean there are too many voices? If I’m in a slump, I’m not sure that I would want more than one person trying to figure out exactly what my problem is. If anything, I think it might make it worse. But I suppose, as of now, we won’t fix anything that ain’t broke.

To listen to the complete interview, click here.