Let us all remember back to 2011, when the Cardinal’s not only made a miraculous comeback in  Game 6 of the World Series, but also overcame a 10.5 game deficit in the last 32 games of the season to receive the 2nd wild-card slot.

Then in 2012, even though they didn’t make it to the World Series, the Cardinals overcame a 6-run deficit in Game 5 of the NLDS, against the Washington Nationals, to win the series. A team’s ability to comeback is usually a good assertion of the heart of the team, expressing just how much they want to win.

In the last three games the Cardinals have overcame deficits in late innings, two of them against the hot San Francisco Giants. The Cardinal’s overcame a 3-run deficit to win the second game of their series against the Giants, a 4-run deficit to win the rubber match of that series, and a 5-run deficit against the Reds, ultimately to lose. The loss was surely a depressing one, raising the hopes of Cardinals Nation just to crush it, all within two innings. But even though Leake struggled (woe is our starting pitching), a five run comeback to tie the game in the 8th and the 9th is not something to shun, especially when it was the team’s third consecutive comeback.

Not only have these games demonstrated that the Cardinals are going to have to rely on their offense to win a majority of games, but they also show the heart and urgency the team possesses. This may be a very good sign, showing that the team is beginning to see that playoff contention means adapting a sense of urgency. Additionally, comebacks tend to give a team confidence. Even after a devastating loss to the worst team in the division, proving to yourself and your pitchers that you’re never out of a game could potentially be important moving forward, especially for a team who’s offense has been “ride or die”.  Also, a sense of urgency invoked by the offense could possibly transfer over to the starting pitching staff. Make them feel as if they can’t let down their team.

So far this Cardinals team has seemingly lacked the ability to ride waves of momentum. They’ve been unable to win consistently. I’m constantly reading about how the Cardinal’s are going to break out here and there, but they just haven’t yet, but they’re too good of a team not to.

I really want to say that I think this is the moment the Cardinal’s will start to burst their bubble of mediocrity, accompanied by better starting pitching; however, who am I to say whether or not they will. These recent comebacks are definitely a good sign, and could potentially mean the Cardinal’s will begin their climb back up the NL Central, but who knows, the Cardinals are more unpredictable than a coin toss. Maybe that’s why comebacks are so much fun to watch.

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