Commissioner Rob Manfred ruled Chris Correa, a Cardinals front office employee, had illegally hacked into the Astros database.

Correa, who is serving nearly a 4-year prison sentence, was found to be solely responsible. But as a result of the damages received by the Astros, the Cardinals will pay $2 million and forfeit their two highest remaining picks in the 2017 draft.

Although the lost cash isn’t insignificant, $2 million is nothing compared to the $300+ million in revenue the Cardinals bring in each year. But how much will these two picks hurt the Cardinals?

The two picks that the Cardinals are surrendering will be the 56th and 75th pick in the draft, coming from the 2nd and post-2nd rounds. But how much is a second round pick really worth? From the 2000 to the 2010 draft, the Cardinals have selected 14 players in the 2nd round of the June Amateur Draft. Out of those 14 players, only 7 of them have made it to the MLB level.

The Cards have also selected 7 players in the second round from 2011 to the present, but, unsurprisingly, none outside of Carson Kelly and Charlier Tilson, who have combined for 11 MLB games, have made it to the big leagues.

But back to those 14 players:  half of them retired before making it the Busch Stadium. And even if a draftee did make it all the way up through the farm system, there is a significant likelihood that his time in St. Louis wasn’t for long.

How many of these names do you recognize: Chris Narveson, Stu Pomeranz, Mark Hamilton, Jess Todd, and Shane Peterson. The Cardinals drafted these five players in the 2nd round. And these 5 players made it to the big leagues. But combined, they have played a total of 288 games for a combined WAR of 0.6.

So out of the 14 drafted players, 12 have yet to become even marginally significant players in the MLB. So that leaves 2 players who have had an impact at the major-league level, and those players are Dan Haren and Jon Jay. Haren had an impressive 14 year career that saw 3 All-Star appearances, while Jay helped lead the Cardinals to their 2011 World Series title.

Even though Haren and Jay have had significant careers, over 85% of the players that the Cardinals drafted in the second round from 2000 to 2010 contributed next to nothing, or nothing, in the MLB.

Although its still too soon to see how the Redbirds most recent 2nd round picks will turn out, including Tilson, Kelly, Oscar Mercado, Ronnie Williams, Andrew Morales, Bryce Denton, and Connor Jones, it is more likely than not than many of those players do not develop into the stars that they dream to be. And likewise, the two picks that the Cardinals surrender to the Astros will not make-or-break the Cardinals future.

So although come June St. Louis will be worried about not having a pick until the 94th overall spot, the Cardinals future will still be bright.

Photo captured by Jeff Curry- USA Today Sports