Right before this series against the Astros started, I discussed how the Cardinals were at a crossroads, with two diverging paths lighting the way for the rest of the season. They could crumble in the wake of their painful 19-inning loss to the Pirates and struggle against the Astros, or they could rebound with a solid, momentum-building sweep of their lowly opponent. As they demonstrated today, they seem to have chosen the latter path, as they finished off a sweep of the Astros with a resounding 13-5 win this afternoon in the hot St. Louis heat. Two players that were especially impressive were David Freese and Matt Holiday, whose combined 0-15 struggles at the plate in the final Pittsburgh game were pretty much forgiven and forgotten in the wake of their combined 5-9 performance today, complete with 8 RBIs. While one shouldn’t read too much into a series sweep of the worst team in baseball, it is encouraging that the Cardinals were able to quickly recover from the devastating Pirate loss and managed to take care of business in an efficient manner, the way championship teams do. With a huge series against their division rival Cincinnati Reds starting tomorrow night, the Cards appear to firing on all cylinders, ready to make that final push to secure a spot in the playoffs.