Dan McLaughlin joined Bernie Miklasz on 101ESPN on Thursday morning before he heads to Jupiter in a couple weeks to start his 16th year doing play by play for the Cardinals. Here’s a little bit on what he had to say:

ON WHETHER THE CARDINALS HAVE DONE ENOUGH TO COMPETE: A lot of fans say they haven’t done anything, But if you look at the team, the only concerns are really the health of Jaime Garcia, how Adam Wainwright will bounce back in his second year removed from surgery  and the health of Chris Carpenter. Having said that, you have to love their pitching. There might be a hiccup along the way, but there’s enough there to bridge the gap and be in contention. The right side of the bullpen with Trevor Rosenthal and Shelby Miller is not only going to be very effective, but they give fallback options in the starting rotation should there be an injury. He also thinks that Oscar Taveras will be given a chance to make the team and give a boost to their aging outfield.

Overall, he expects it to be a two-team race between the Reds and Cardinals again. The Cardinals had a lot of bad luck with injuries the last couple of years while the Reds have had particularly good luck. But whether or not the tables turn in regards to injuries, the Cardinals definitely have enough for a competitive 2013 season.