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David Freese, John Mozeliak With Bernie Miklasz

David Freese appeared on 101ESPN earlier today with Bernie Miklasz. Here’s in summary what he had to say:

  • He’s very happy with the way his contract turned out. All sides did a great job of finding a middle ground that both sides were okay with. It was very nice not to go to a hearing.
  • He would love to be a Cardinal his whole career and stay in St. Louis. With Chris Carpenter gone, it’s time for a few guys to step up and be a leader and he would love to be one of them.
  • He thinks the team is going to be very competitive. Health is something everyone worries about, but if they’re all healthy, they’ll be “right in the thick of things.”
  • He wants Chris Carpenter to be around at all times as he has been such a great leader to them over the years
  • Every team in the NL Central improved and with the Houston Astros leaving, it will definitely be tougher to win as many games
  • He doesn’t expect too much to change in Mike Matheny’s second year other than minor game management decisions.

John Mozeliak joined Bernie a little later in the day. Here’s what he had to say:

  • When you see veteran players show up early such as Yadier Molina, it gives you a lot of comfort going forward.
  • Though he is disappointed about Chris Carpenter, he’s very excited about the competition for the final couple spots in the rotation.
  • Lance Lynn got himself in very good shape this offseason and he thinks that Lynn will be better off with his new eating habits and workout ethic
  • There’s no one guy that can replace what Carp brought to the clubhouse, but guys like Adam Wainwright and Jake Westbrook certainly resemble some image of that.
  • Most players don’t leave baseball on their terms, and that’s probably the worst part of the business and Carpenter’s situation
  • It’s hard to predict the health of guys like Rafael Furcal or Jaime Garcia until they play in actual games, but they both had normal offseasons, which are encouraging
  • Ronny Cedeno can play three infield positions and Mozeliak feels that he can be good insurance should Furcal be hurt
  • The goal is always to have as competitive a camp as possible. You don’t want complacency and you want guys showing up believing that they have to earn something.
  • Oscar Taveras is a below-average center fielder, but his bat is so prolific that it could make you forget about some of those shortcomings. He sees him more as a corner outfielder for the long term.
  • The Adam Wainwright talks have not really progressed, so they are taking a break. Having said that, both sides remain open to negotiating.