Last night, we saw what should be the end of Ruben Tejada’s tenure as a Cardinal. Many of us wish it would have come sooner than this.

Ruben Tejada was originally signed to deal with the loss of Jhonny Peralta. The prospects at short were bleak. We had traded for what was meant to be a super utility man in Jedd Gyorko and had Greg Garcia who was essentially a more offensive minded Daniel Descalso. There was this Cuban player the organization was hoping for in the future by the name of Aledmys Diaz but he was rough and not a safe bet to stick at short. The Cardinals secured Tejada by claiming him off of waivers from the Mets and giving him a 1 year, 1 million dollar contract. He was essentially an insurance policy.

An insurance policy is always nice to have. It makes your insecurities secure. You have confidence about something because you know there is always backup. The problem is, an insurance policy can be pretty useless when the player they were unsure about is hitting over .300 with 7 HRs two months into the season. Diaz has locked up the shortstop position so much so that Peralta started at 3rd base the other night in his rehab start. Tejada has nothing to back-up so now he is essentially a utility player. He has been used for pinch running, “defensive substitutions”, and terrible pinch hit attempts.

Tejada, on the season, is hitting an earth shattering .176. He is essentially an out whenever manager Mike Matheny thinks it is a good idea for him to grab a bat (SPOILER ALERT: it is never a good idea.). He lacks pop, contact, and bat speed. He also is never a defensive upgrade in the field. On his career, Tejada’s leather has cost teams more runs than it has saved. He is also not very fast, so his value on the basepathes is non-existent.

What we saw last night was the end of Tejada’s time as a Cardinal. Since Matt Carpenter has been on paternity leave (congratulations to him by the way), Garcia was called up to fill the roster spot. Garcia has started both games he has been on the 25-man roster for. Matheny even trusts his bat enough to allow him to lead-off. He is obviously a good hitter, based on his .615 BA, and has a bit of pop in his bat shown by his 2 HRs in limited playing time.

1 of those HRs was hit last night in the 8th inning.

Garcia is better in every way when compared to Tejada. He deserves the spot more than him and would help the team more at this point and time. The only thing that is keeping Mo from putting the final nail in the coffin is the 1 million dollar price tag on Tejada. The value, however, that Garcia brings to the table will definitely make Tejada’s trashed contract seem like pocket change.

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Photo Credit: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports