Derrick Goold appeared on the Bernie Miklasz Show on Tuesday morning to talk about tomorrow’s Hall of Fame reveal. Here’s what he had to say:

ON WHO HE EXPECTS TO GET IN: The general feel of the electorate is that no one will get in on Wednesday. Baseball Factory does a really good job of monitoring the ballots that are revealed to see if anyone will get to 75%, and so far it’s only Craig Biggio who seems to be only getting around 60% of the vote, which obviously doesn’t make the cut.

ON HOW IT WILL CHANGE THE PROCESS: If we come back with a blank Hall of Fame, there will be a lot of questions raised as to who should vote and whther a shift should take place. There have been alterations to the voting process in the past,  so it’s not unreasonable to think that more changes could be implemented in the future.

HOW IT WILL AFFECT COOPERSTOWN: The HOF induction weekend is a major weekend for them, and having no one on the ballot will clearly hurt their business. They need a lot of foot traffic, particularly that weekend, to remain viable, and it will undoubtedly hurt their image if no players are being inducted that weekend.